Cloud Ingenium

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See all that the Cloud can do for you is a site dedicated to the empowerment of users through the Cloud. We offer a wide range of services from Web Hosting, to selling some of the most popular cloud solutions like Office 365. If you are looking to go Cloud, go with us!


Our Portfolio of Solutions

Various solutions aimed at addressing today’s business needs

Various Features

  • Web Hosting
  • Web Acceleration
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Web Caching
  • Online Advertising / Campaigns
  • Site Protection
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Custom Emails (i.e. [email protected])
    • Control email flow / retain communications
    • Comply with local regulations – force a footer with privacy policy & disclaimer
    • ActiveSync / Exchange Push available
  • Rent the most popular business applications:
    • Microsoft’s Office Suite
  • Rent cloud servers
  • Manage your online presence
  • Online Backups
  • System’s Management
    • Keep your system’s up to date
    • Provide remote assistance to users
    • Deploy software and business applications remotely
    • (Optionally) Update to Window’s latest enterprise version
  • Support
  • Consulting
  • Advising
  • Management
  • Delivery